The sweet east morning sun

Val delle Corti’s vineyards are planted on marly limestone soil, rich in stony material and high in mineral content - typical of Radda. All the vineyards face east: a thorn in our side until the late Nineties, an unexpected blessing in recent times of climate change, with plenty of sunshine but shade early in the evening.

The oldest vineyard, a ‘cru’ where only sangiovese is grown, produces the grapes for the Riserva, which is only made in the best years. The vintage Chianti Classico is a cuvée from vineyards of different ages, including a jealously preserved 5% of Canaiolo. The freshest sangiovese grapes are used for the Rosé and the Campino, while a small, very stony vineyard called Il Cortino provides a little merlot used in the wine we call ‘Lo Straniero’ (65% Sangiovese).

Altitude: 420-490 a.s.l -  location: eastward